Level of Implementation in HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberclosis program

Country/National Level

Area of implementation intervention

HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis

Title and scope of the project being implemented( including time frame )

FACT initiated the establishment of a National CSO Tuberculosis network which ash a membership of over 60 community based TB organizations. through this network the organization is carrying out capacity building interventions on TB to ensure that all these organizations are implementing interventions that contribute to the achievement of the National TB goals. The project is open ended.

FACT is also implementing the Ularo wa Astikana Project which is focusing on promoting SRHR among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in Salima, Kasungu and Nkhatabay districts. this project runs through 2020.

Does the organisation currently receive any technical support from a technical support provider ? Have you received technical support in the past?