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Level of Implementation in HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberclosis program

Community level

Area of implementation intervention

HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis

Title and scope of the project being implemented( including time frame )

Strengthening Community Interventions Towards Zero New HIV Infections Among Children.
This is a PMTCT/HIV project being implemented in the areas of Traditional Authority Kalumbu and TA Chadza in Lilongwe district. After a successful PMTCT project implementation of 2014-2016 extension phase, GMHD was awarded another extension phase which is currently in progress. The current extension project was designed to address key emerging issues noted from the previous implementation and therefore it is set to respond to a set of three specific objectives which are tied to the main project goal of reducing the proportion of infants born with HIV or infected with HIV by their mothers. The project integrate TB in its activities
The project will be implemented from 2017 December to November, 2019.

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Community Level