Level of Implementation in HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberclosis program

Country/National Level

Area of implementation intervention


Title and scope of the project being implemented( including time frame )

"Nditha kuchitapo kathu" meaning I can do something
Nditha is a collaborative male engagement aimed at reducing domestic violence and sexual violence faced by women living with HIV through male involvement. The project's objective is to increase retention of women and men living with HIV and infants on PMTCT and EID by 70% in the lake shore fishing district of Salima in Malawi by 2019. The project is being implemented in two Traditional Authorities of Lifuwu and Kuulundu. The project is being implemented in partnership with two other organisations (LICO and FOCCAD)

Does the organisation currently receive any technical support from a technical support provider ? Have you received technical support in the past?