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Level of Implementation in HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberclosis program

Country/National Level

Area of implementation intervention

HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis

Title and scope of the project being implemented( including time frame )

The Gender and Sexual Diversity(GSD) training for Health Care Providers(HCP) is a USAID and PEPFAR Initiative to guide, plan and implement country programs, at the same time address the needs of Gender and Sexual Minority(GSM) communities in the context of HIV programming. The Gender Sexual Diversity(GSD)Training is an innovative and practical resource that helps public health and HIV professionals understand gender and sexual diversity in the context of their country and specific Regions.

The training aims to engender empathy for gender and sexual minorities and enthusiasm for responding to their health needs. The training focuses on Gender and sexual minorities people whose gender, sexual orientation, or sexual characteristics differ from what is typically expected in culture or society and are mistreated almost everywhere. The GSD training explores how misunderstanding and mistreatment of gender and sexual minorities impacts their health, their basic human rights, their work environment, and the communities in which they live hence informing programming and increasing accessibility to quality SRHR and HIV/AIDS services among LGBTI persons in Uganda and also shape the attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of HCP towards LGBTI Individuals

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